Cadillac Points To Luxury Watches Sector As InspPatrick, excellent post. Thought provoking on quite a few levels. Let me take a shot in the watch/car pairs -H. Moser & Cie. with Rolls Royce - extremely limited production, Rolex fake pursue the finest points of product to obsessionAudemars Piguet and Infiniti craftsmanship, imagination and performanceZenith and Volkswagen quality product, seeking the good middle marketThe auto makers look to the watch sector for many reasons.

A lot of it is envy. The auto makers would love to control their product distribution the way the watch manufactures do. In the US, and I suspect in most other major auto markets globally, there are franchise laws that prohibit the car builders from selling what they make. There is important litigation in the US state of North Carolina currently because Tesla, the electric car builder, sells direct to the public and North Carolina claims this violates their manufacturer franchise rules. The auto makers would love to sell through boutiques. They would love to establish direct on line orders for cars rolex submariner review . replica horloges They would love to eliminate holdbacks, invoice margins, and all the other financial incentives they have to provide to their franchised dealers. Most of all they would love to have the entire retail price of a car or truck coming into their pocket not just the amount that the dealers pay them for the vehicles minus all the incentives fake Rolex paypal .

Unfortunately the watch manufactures have forgotten the old saw about 'sauce for the goose'. As the watch makers cut loose more of their wholesale and retail distribution system in favor of company-owned boutiques they may come to find that they are being perceived as abusing the local independent retailer. And any politician will tell you that he would much rather have the friendship of a lot of local businessmen than the affection of some far away corporation. best omega watch replicas The watch manufactures need to remember that customers are loyal to local businesses they have traded with for many years. And the manufactures need to tread carefully in their boutique marketing efforts lest their greed start to show through too clearly.
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